RISE International School of Paris is a bilingual, middle school located in a western suburb of Paris, France. info@riseinternationalschool.org 01 70 46 61 87


Located in the western suburbs of Paris, RISE offers students, educators, and community members innovative, stimulating, and skill-based classes and workshops.

Our goal is to provide an English-speaking environment filled with extra-curricular activities, events, and language support.  Our classes are all taught by experienced native English speakers who are also specialists in their field.

RISE student sessions are based on a 12-week cycle which allows kids to explore, experiment, and discover their many interests throughout the year.

Some of our clubs include:

  • robotics
  • future problem solvers
  • art
  • book
  • debate
  • homework helpers
  • media studies
  • chess
  • yoga
  • newspaper

For parents and community members, RISE offers Voices RISE, monthly presentations on varying subjects affecting society and teens.  This past year, we hosted digital parenting, equity, Positive Discipline, challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth, myths about adolescence, and how to parent with intention workshops.

Educators will find relevant professional development opportunities within our VOICES RISE series.  We also offer specific educator PD training to support, improve, and enrich current practices and instruction.

Our bilingual library provides books for both adolescents and adults who love to read in English.

The RISE team encourages students to understand their personal capabilities and to push themselves beyond their comfort zone in order to explore and learn new skills.  Given the right learning tools and with consistent support, every child can become his or her best self in everyday life.

Michele Silvestri